High Performance Butterfly Valve K-LOK Series

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The K-LOK valve is a Double-Offset valve approved by ABS for Category P applications. Optional bi-directional/dead-end service available. Features an integrally cast mounting pad  which provides direct mounting of many actuators. Rocker-Shaped gland bridge compensates for uneven adjustment of gland nuts. An extended neck allows for two inches of pipeline insulation. Flattened body bore at stem journal ports positions stem bearing near disc, providing maximum stem support. Disc taper pins are tangentially positioned half in disc and half in stem, placing them in compression rather than shear, which eliminates potential for failure. Integrally cast disc position stop perfectly locates the disc in seat, achieving maximum seat and seal life. K-LOK polymer, elastomer, and fire-safe seats provide bi-directional, drop-tight closure in vacuum and throughout all pressure ranges, as well at full rated differential pressure. A variety of materials allows optimum seat life in all applications. Standard materials of construction carbon steel, 316 stainless steel and aluminum bronze. Size range from 2” to 36”.

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