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Fire-Safe Vent Valves Fig 661 & 641

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JA Moody distributes many different Keystone valves. Such as the Keystone fire-safe vent valve that is specifically designed for use as airtight and watertight closures. A major advantage of this vent valve over any ordinary valve is that it is fire safe. Meaning that in the event of a fire or a high-temperature flow it remains structurally sound and gets the job done.  Thanks to the application of an intumescent ring around the inside of the valve. Creating a fire retardant surface to keep the heat at bay.



Size Range 641- 2 1/2” – 36”; R 2.5 – R36
661- 7” x 3” – 30” x 20”, K31 – K41
Pressure ratings 15 PSI working, 30 PSI test
Design 316 stainless steel body and disc, Inconel upper stem, 17-4 lower stem, silicone/intumescent seat.
BUSHIP Drawing #804-1749102/1749103 Rev. C.

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