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Celebrating 35 Years of Innovation and Service

January, 2024

JA Moody, a thriving second-generation family-owned enterprise, proudly marks over 35 years of delivering innovative and cost-effective solutions for the fluid control needs of the US Navy. The journey began in 1989 when Frank Buzan acquired Moody and Equipment Specialists, transforming it from a fluid power company with a handful of employees into a leading Navy and Marine Technical sales company based in Malvern, PA. Our roots in the marine business took hold at the Philly Navy Yard in the late 1980s, leading to the evolution and expansion of our services.

Over the years, JA Moody has undergone significant growth and transformation. In 2003, Moody Marine Service was established, with locations in Chesapeake, VA, and Mayport, FL, dedicated to servicing and repairing mil-spec valves and actuators. Today, our Service team, now more than 20 years strong, has broadened its capabilities to offer onboard turn-key services for a range of flow control products. Our reputation in the marketplace is unparalleled, positioning us as a top-notch resource for all Navy Actuator repairs.

In 2012, a new chapter unfolded as Frank invited his daughter, Lisa Buzan Smith, to join the company. Under her capable leadership, JA Moody flourished, expanding its national coverage and product lines. In 2014, the company achieved ISO-9001 certification, solidifying its commitment to excellence. In 2017, Lisa was promoted to President, driving the company forward with vision and determination.

Adding to our legacy, in 2021, Frank welcomed his son, Greg Buzan, as the Chief Operating Officer. Greg’s background as a Ph.D. Chemical Engineer has played a crucial role in managing large qualification programs for shipset orders, reinforcing our commitment to excellence in every aspect of our operations.

According to Frank Buzan, the Chairman of JA Moody, we consider ourselves fortunate to serve as a solution provider to the US Navy. Our track record includes successfully bringing numerous products to the market, with our latest accomplishment being the collaboration with the Navy on the Vanessa Hardened Seat TOTS Valve. This cutting-edge TOTS valve, utilizing cold spray technology, significantly extends its lifecycle by threefold. We eagerly anticipate showcasing this innovative technology at the upcoming Sea, Air Space Show in April 2024.

Frank emphasizes, “We may be a small business, but we’re making significant contributions to the Navy.” He expresses excitement about the company’s continuous growth in market share within this specialized sector. Looking ahead, Frank envisions an exciting journey for the next 35 years, with Lisa and Greg leading the company, building upon their strengths for the benefit of the next generation.