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Navy High Performance Butterfly Valve K-LOK Series Mil-V-24624

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The Navy High Performance Butterfly Valve (Mil-V-24624) is NAVSEA approved for QPL-V-24624(SH) applications in Type I, II, III, & IV configurations. Its design provides bidirectional, drop-tight closure for navy applications. The unique two-piece stem and double-offset disc offers high cycling and increased capacity. Available body styles include a wafer body (figure 360) and a lugged body (figure 362).


High Performance Butterfly Valve Specifications

  • Size range: 2 ½” – 14”
  • Pressure: 275 PSI
  • Body style: wafer or lugged


High Performance Butterfly Valve Features

  • Flush mounted actuation means no brackets or couplings are required and there are fewer nuts and bolts.
  • A fully adjustable stem packing allows for 180 degree wrench clearance for adjustment.
  • Its capable of sealing against pressure and against vacuum without packing modification.
  • The interference fit design provides bidirectional tight shutoff.
  • The extended neck provides two inches of pipeline insulation.
  • The standard K-LOK flange surfaces are uninterrupted, which allows standard spiral wound gaskets to be used.
  • No travel stops are required, making adjustment and maintenance much easier.
  • An optional lay length is able to fit K-LOK in non-standard lay length requirements.
  • The rocker arm packing allows uneven tightening of gland bolts without side loading the system packing.
  • The Double offset disc design provides the disc with a camming effect that lifts the disc away from the seat, thereby reducing seat contact wear.
  • A fire safe seat configuration allows for bidirectional service and constant two-point seal of the metal and RTFE seat components. This allows partial burn of the seat without excessive leakage.

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