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Hellan JP-5 Fueling Hose Reel

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MODELS N3200 / N3100 / ENL

Hellan JP-5 refueling hose reels have been the mainstay “reel of choice” for the United States Navy for over half a century. Hellan refueling reels are custom designed for refueling stations on all class ships with fixed or rotary type aircraft such as CVN, FFG, LCS, LHA, LHD, LPD, LSD, and others. Hellan refueling hose reels are built to MIL Spec MIL-R-15917F and meets most of ASTM 1347.


Hose Size 100′ to 200′
Frame Aluminum (non-sparking reel) with Bronze Fluid Path
Options Electrical Continuity Wire through fluid path


US Navy and US Coast Guard Approved Reels, Hose Guides, Nozzles and Accessories

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