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Hellan AFFF Hose Reel – Model NL20M & N25 Series

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AFFF Fire Fighting: MIL-R-24414D
Hose Assembly: MIL-H-24580

Hellan AFFF reels are custom designed for specific spaces aboard each class ship of the United States Navy and US Coast Guard with over 50 years of supply. Hellan hose reels and assemblies are built to the highest quality standards and in accordance with MIL Specs MIL-R-24414D and MIL-R-24580.


Hose Size 50′ to 200′
Frame Aluminum or Steel
Rewinds Right Hand (RH), Left Hand (LH), or Universal Rewinds
Guides Optional
Hose and Nozzles Optional
ENL Fueling on smaller AFFF Frame


US Navy and US Coast Guard Approved Reels, Hose Guides, Nozzles and Accessories

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