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Bronze Gate Valve

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Milwaukee Valve bronze gate valves are stocked and distributed by JA Moody all throughout North America. The bronze gate valve with figure number B102E is recommended for steam, water, oil, or gas service. While tailoring to specific services for maximum efficiency, thanks to the stream lined design all throughout the valve. That is encapsulated by the body that is designed to withstand extremely high internal pressures and line strains. All while having the ability to start and stop the flow by sliding the disc across the stream. Therefore, engineered for use in either full open or full closed positions, but not recommended for throttling. As it is the only valve that permits unrestricted flow in the full open position.



Sizes ¾ inch-24 inch
Pressure ratings 150lb PSI
Flange B.B., OS&Y, Bronze Trim




  • The true guiding system in the body prevents contact between the seating surfaces until the valve is almost closed
  • Bonnets are designed with a large, deep stuffing box equipped with a gland so that, when wide open, the valve can be repacked while under pressure
  • Sizes up to and including 4” feature integral yoke and bonnet construction, while sizes 4-1/2” and above have bolted yoke

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