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Valves and Actuators Made in America

August, 2020

As a veteran owned small business, JA Moody has always preferred to Buy American for nearly every order that we fulfill.  Why is that?  Because it helps the US economy in general and because most of what we sell ends up on a US vessel and it is extremely important that we protect our sailors and merchant civilians who are at risk in the event of flooding, fire, or even attack from hostile aircraft or other vessels.  Our customers are typically the US shipbuilders who deliver submarines, surface combatants, and aircraft carriers to the US Navy.  Obviously, these ships conduct operations on the high seas and need a robust method of flow control to support those operations.  JA Moody is proud to provide high quality military specification valves and actuators to the US Navy which enables those vessels to complete their missions safely.  Buying from American domestic sources is not only our preference, but it is a mandatory requirement of many of our customers, especially our US Government customers.

One of our favorite products with all our shipbuilding customers in the country is the high-performance butterfly valve or K-LOK.  As you all know saltwater takes a huge toll on most butterfly valves.  If you need a butterfly valve that holds up in a harsh environment, the MIL-V-24624 K-LOK from Emerson is your best bet.  Emerson also provides both aluminum and stainless-steel ventilation valves which keeps our sailors safe from chemical, biological or radiological threats.  The more robust ventilation valves are also fire safe.

JA Moody also is proud to offer PIMA gate, globe, swing check, angle and hose valves to our clients.  These multi-turn valves are made in Salem, OH and are found on every Navy class of ship.  JA Moody is the largest national stocking distributor of PIMA products.

If you are looking for actuation, we work closely with two of the best companies that make them all in the USA.  Rotork and Curtiss Wright / Nu-Torque.  Rotork (formerly Mastergear) makes the gear operators that have been in service for our Navy for almost 30 years and are installed on almost every ship class in the Navy.  When valves need automated actuation, Curtiss Wright / Nu-torque provides actuation for some of the larger and more sophisticated valves. The polymer and elastomer seats provide bi-directional, drop-tight closure in vacuum as well as at full rated differential pressure. Its unique design does not rely on pressure to assist sealing therefore seals at high and low pressures, as well as dirty services. A variety of materials allows optimum seat life in all applications.

As many valve experts are aware, the Vanessa triple offset torque seated valve is currently made overseas, but Emerson has taken the initiative to move the manufacturing and/or assembly to the USA which is great news!  Because of their hardened seat technology Vanessa produces the most reliable butterfly valve in the world and we can’t wait for it to be manufactured domestically. Vanessa triple offset valves perform bidirectional zero leakage tightness (according to ‘Leakage Rate A’ of ISO 5208 and EN 12266-1 standards, and the ‘Resilient Seat Valves’ requirement of API 598) through non-rubbing 90-degree rotation and metal-to-metal torque seating.

Are you tired of basic relief valves failing in service?  If so, take advantage of Emerson’s extraordinary 140 years of technical and application expertise in overpressure protection.  Emerson has a wide variety of American made pressure relief valves like Anderson Greenwood, Crosby and Kunkle.

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