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The Next Generation of TOTS Valves is Here

April, 2024

Introducing the Vanessa TOTS Hardened Seat Inconel 625 Cold Spray Technology

Seawater remains the most corrosive element in shipboard piping systems, despite advances in valve technology or materials of construction. Nickel-Aluminum Bronze & Monel materials are the most robust bronze alloy products to resist salt water corrosion, but long term exposure eventually leads to failure. Corrosion of shipboard piping components and valves due to saltwater leads to high turnover of expensive long lead time valve products, leading to extended yard periods and equipment downtime. Valve corrosion also leads to shipboard equipment degradation and piping systems leakages during underway use. Erosion effects may show up when fluid passing through small openings increases the damages to piping components due to corrosion-erosion effects

Proven in Firemain system during 18 month study by NSWC Philadelphia onboard LPD 24 (USS Anchorage) Cold spray is an innovative technology for nickel aluminum bronze seating area facing which does not cause thermal alteration to the base as well as to the overlay material. Small particles, in solid state, are accelerated to extremely high velocities, (up to 1,200 meter/second or 3,940 foot/second) developing a coating on the relevant base material by an impact process. Extend valve life and preserve existing reliable operation with low/zero maintenance needs by improving seat properties specifically for corrosion resistance.

Hardening the seating surface with INCONEL 625 of Triple Offset Valves drastically reduces wear of Nickel- Aluminum Bronze body material especially in presence of high speed fluid flows, increasing valve life cycle. Maintenance & replacement costs are reduced over the life of the ship, minimizing overhaul and maintenance periods in critical shipboard services & piping systems. Other critical salt water valve applications – i.e. 803- 1385623 Globe Valves in Shipboard Main Drainage or Eductor Systems – can be replaced with Vanessa Hardened Seat TOTS products to extend life & reliability of those systems from months to years.