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Lisa Smith


Lisa joined JA Moody in 2012 as VP of Sales. She is responsible for developing strategies that drive growth and profitability across the organization. In 2014 she was promoted to Executive Vice President of the company. In 2015 she was promoted to President of the company. In this capacity, Lisa oversees JA Moody’s internal and external sales teams as well as the operations area. Under her leadership JA Moody has become ISO 9001 certified and has grown it’s commercial marine business by adding additional product lines and new sales territories.

Lisa was previously a partner at a financial services firm where she was responsible for developing new products and formulating and executing a sales and market delivery strategy for over six hundred clients. She holds a certificate of achievement in Government Contracting from Villanova University and has a Bachelor of Arts from Bucknell University. Lisa is on the Board of Directors and an active member in Custer County Search & Rescue, a non -profit organization. All SAR members in the State of Colorado are volunteers. CCSAR typically has 30 missions a year in the Sangre de Cristo Mountain range and surrounding areas. Other hobbies include cooking, hiking & mountain climbing.

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