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Service & Repairs for US Navy at Moody Marine Service

October, 2020

One truism with US Navy and US Navy subcontractors that are involved in ship maintenance is that once they find a reliable service provider, they will never let them go.  Our definition of a reliable service provider is a company that performs quality work and tells you the truth, nothing but the truth, including the WHOLE truth!  Kevin Thibault and his team at Moody Marine Service (MMS) have earned that reputation for nearly two decades.  The MMS team, without exception, will always share exactly what they found and tell you whether they can fix it or where you can purchase a replacement if the item cannot be fixed.  Their focus is clearly on helping the customer achieve a satisfactory resolution.

So how does that happen?  Well, first, it’s in our company DNA!  Four out of five members of the JA Moody and Moody Marine Service Executive Management Team are either veterans of the military or the maritime services and a large proportion of our technicians are former US Navy maintenance experts.  Our company’s DNA is all about supporting the critical needs of our war fighting vessels as well as auxiliary support vessels both in the military and in the merchant fleet.  When MMS was first founded with a single person, (Kevin Thibault) we started in Mayport, FL back when there were a lot more ships stationed there than there is today.  Mayport’s local repair organizations were largely supported by the significant workload of the USS John F. Kennedy so at the time it made sense to base the team in Florida initially.  It didn’t take long for MMS to outgrow Mayport and so we did the obvious step of adding a facility in the greater Norfolk area since Norfolk is home to the largest US Naval base and therefore has more homeported vessels than any other region in the country.  This strategic location also enabled both private sector shipbuilders and US Navy maintenance activities to take advantage of MMS’s capabilities to support the shipbuilding effort and to keep our Navy’s ships at sea.

MMS’s reputation is so good that several manufacturers and US Navy maintenance organizations (Naval Shipyards and Regional Maintenance Centers) depend on MMS as their “go to” repair company in the Norfolk area for highly specialized services.  The MMS team is an OEM representative for Nu-Torque, Limitorque, Morpac, and Tri-Tec (FL, CA) and can also service Bettis Valve actuators as well as Morgan Seattle Valve actuators.  MMS is also the OEM authorized service representative for all Emerson quarter turn products (Keystone/Tyco/Pentair) and can support PIMA multi-turn product.  MMS is particularly expert at Leslie Controls as the authorized OEM service representative, is authorized by Colfax to service Portland Bleed Air Control Valves, and Eaton to support Bleed Air and masker regulating valves.  MMS is also the East Coast OEM representative for Marotta Controls.  They are also experts in servicing PIMA multi-turn product, Grove Valves and Regulators, Air Dry Corp, Metrex Regulating Valves, and Hunt Priority valves.

Even as our nation works hard to build new ships, we understand that keeping existing ships in service is equally vital.   Over the years MMS has been called on to travel to the west coast and Hawaii, as well as to Japan to meet urgent needs of the fleet, so the next obvious move was to create a presence in the second largest Navy base in the country: San Diego.  The team all agreed that we could serve our Navy better by leasing a facility and manning that facility in San Diego in 2017 to support US Navy ship maintenance on the west coast.  MMS is celebrating their second year in San Diego.  Like any new location, the team must deal with local issues and sometimes a completely different approach to ship maintenance.  MMS will have to prove themselves to every ship maintenance organization, especially the local Regional Maintenance Center and the predominate large shipyards that perform most of the ship maintenance on the west coast.

MMS’ capabilities are substantial.  All locations support complete repair and overhaul services, can perform electrical testing for 440VAC, 110 VAC and 28VDC power.  They can perform machining, media blasting, valve hydrostatic testing, hydraulic testing and pneumatic testing.  MMS supports network protocols, MOD Bus, Profis bus, temperature and 4-20 ma.  They are available 24-7, 365 days a year.  Don’t settle for some other company that just isn’t qualified / certified by the OEM!  Moody Marine Service’s reputation was well earned.  Call today and get them to fix your problem and more than likely you’ll never use anyone else again!