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Proud to Be ISO 9001 Certified Since 2014

July, 2020

In 2020 ESI Acquisition Corp, the holding company for JA Moody and Moody Marine Service, completed the recertification process for ISO 9001:2015. We are proud of this accomplishment which represents one of the highest Quality Management System accreditations worldwide.

The ISO process requires that we assess and manage risks, carefully plan for changes, and manage and prioritize business opportunities for continuous improvement.  While the quality system may be complex, ESI has one single quality policy as follows:

We will exceed the expectations of our customers and we will maintain a culture of compliance and continuous improvement across our organization.

Everyone at ESI holds this mindset for achieving continual improvement to achieve our mission.

We are a veteran-owned small family business with 35 employees across the country.  We may be small in numbers, but when it comes to performance and compliance, we outperform larger companies and most of our key suppliers.  Why is that?  Because every employee has skin in the game and because we are ISO certified to the 9001: 2015 standard and we take that very seriously.  As a government contractor since the 50’s we’ve always been compliant because you can’t succeed selling to the federal government unless you follow the rules.  So why bother with the extra expense and oversight that you must deal with for ISO certification?  Because unless you have a 3rd party audit of your Quality Management System (QMS), you will probably fail to truly improve your company on a continuous basis.  If you are an owner of a company that does not have a 3rd party audit of your QMS, then you may be able to claim that you are compliant but is that enough?  No, it is not.  We treat ISO certification for what it is:  Good common-sense business practices.  ESI Acquisition Corp earned ISO 9001 certification in 2014.  And every year since, we have worked hard to create and maintain an atmosphere of continuous improvement.

We believe that companies don’t improve their processes automatically.  In fact, most employees resist change and prefer to keep doing what they have always been doing rather than document the process and streamline it.  A 3rd party QMS auditor has only one objective:  Determine if a company is doing what they say they are doing.  For the ISO 9001 2015 standard that is focused on customer satisfaction and continuous improvement.  We focus on this with a microscope every day.

Can every company pull that off?  Probably not, because it takes more than just a 3rd party audit.  It takes engagement by owners, managers, supervisors and employees.  That means everyone must have skin in the game.  Everyone in our company cares about customer satisfaction and continuous improvement.  In our challenging times, skin in the game is even more important.  We define our company character based on how we perform under the most trying of circumstances and that is where we are today.  We are extremely proud of our ISO 9001 recertification that was just completed in June 2020 remotely.  Our certification is the foundation of our ability to do our best and keep the customer’s needs in the front and center of our attention.  We don’t always succeed given such extraordinary situations, but we’ll never give up; we’ll just keep improving day by day, year by year because the ISO 9001 Standard demands it and frankly, it’s just good business.

As a small family owned company, we take this ISO environment we created seriously because it benefits our customers and helps us professionalize our company.

Our next challenge as an organization is to become CMMS compliant by the 4th quarter of 2020.  Once again, we have engaged professional outside consultants to assist in this endeavor to successfully position us for future growth as a state of the art small company servicing the Navy and marine market place.