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Staples & Pfeiffer Duplex Strainer

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Military Duplex Strainers are used in lines that continuously run and do not need to be shut down. The S&P Military Duplex Strainer uses a tapered plug design with twin baskets and are equipped with a diverter handle to switch from one basket to the other. When not in use, it can be removed and cleaned without interrupting the pipeline flow with no shut-downs required. S & P duplex strainers utilize an increased wall thickness and can also be supplied commercially.


Sizes 3/4″ – 8″ NPS
Operating Pressure 150-300 psig
Materials Bronze ASTM B61
Screen Materials Bronze, Monel (specify Perf. and/or Mesh)
MIL-Specs MIL-S-17849D Type II, Class 2
Flanges/Class ANSI 150# & 250#, Navy MIL-F-20042D, DIN
Connection Types Flanged

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