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436 Series

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Series 436 models fail open regulators in conformance with MIL-V-2042 and ASTM F1370 Type I and II. Service applications include air, water and seawater.



Style 2-Way Balanced Cage Guided
Sizes 1/4 to 8 inch
Class to 700 PSI
Ends SBUE, SWE, ESPUE and Flange to ANSI specifications and MIL-V-20042
Body B61 Bronze
Trim Stainless Steel, and NCA
Service Air, Gas, Liquid, Fuel, and Seawater
Installations CG-47, DDG-963, DDG-51, LPD-17, LHA and FFG-7 classes and other individual navy and coast guard ships


  • Regulating valves for fluid and air services
  • Salt Water Regulating Valves to MIL-V-2042D and ASTM F1370, 1/4 to 8 inch size applications
  • Fire Main Systems on CG-47 Class, DDG-963 Class, DDG-51, CFIA-1 and FFG-7
  • Air Service Regulating Valves rated to 700 PSI, 1/4 to 2 inch size applications – LPD17 Class
  • Also available for use controlling other fluids such as diesel fuel

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