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JA Moody Partners with Yamada Pump to Bring the Moody Deckhand AOD Pump to the Marine Industry

March, 2024

The Moody Deckhand AOD Pump is a product that JA Moody, a VOSB (Veteran-Owned Small Business), is excited to bring to the Marine Industry. JA Moody has been under the same family ownership for over 35 years, and they have established themselves as a trusted provider in the industry.

Yamada Pumps, is also a family-owned company and specializes in manufacturing pumps. With their expertise and experience as a third-generation company, they have become known for their high-quality pump solutions.

The partnership between JA Moody and Yamada Pumps allows for the introduction of the Moody Deckhand AOD Pump to the Marine Industry. This pump offers reliable and efficient performance, making it a valuable addition to marine applications.


Key benefits of the Moody Deckhand Pump include:

  1. No Press Fit Parts: The absence of press fit parts in the Moody Deckhand AOD Pump ensures easier maintenance and reduces the risk of component failure.
  2. Maintenance Indicator Button for Operation Override: The inclusion of a maintenance indicator button allows for easy operation override and helps to streamline maintenance procedures.
  3. Short Stroke Equals Longer Diaphragm Life: The short stroke design of the pump contributes to a longer diaphragm life, reducing the need for frequent replacements and increasing overall durability.
  4. Non-Lubricated Pump: The Moody Deckhand AOD Pump is a non-lubricated pump, which means it does not require regular lubrication. This feature simplifies maintenance and reduces operating costs.
  5. Better Wear: The pump’s design and construction contribute to better wear resistance, ensuring reliable and consistent performance over time.
  6. Low Cost and Consistent Operation: The Moody Deckhand AOD Pump offers consistent operation at a low cost, making it a cost-effective choice for marine applications.
  7. Lowest Cost of Ownership in the Industry: The Moody Deckhand AOD Pump is known for having the lowest cost of ownership in the industry, providing long-term value and minimizing overall expenses.


Key Features of the Moody Deckhand AOD Pump are highlighted below:

  1. All-Weather Operation: AOD pumps are designed to withstand various weather conditions, making them suitable for use in marine environments where exposure to water, salt, and other elements is common.
  2. Material Options: AOD pumps are available in different materials, such as aluminum and Buna, to accommodate specific pumping needs and ensure durability and longevity.
  3. Durability and Intrinsic Safety: AOD pumps are known for their robust construction, making them durable and reliable for demanding marine applications. Additionally, they are often designed to meet safety standards and can be used in hazardous environments.
  4. Portability: AOD pumps are typically lightweight and compact, making them easy to transport and install on marine vessels or in other locations where mobility is required.
  5. Easy Operation: AOD pumps are designed for user-friendly operation, with simple controls and intuitive interfaces that allow for easy setup and maintenance.
  6. Energy Efficiency: AOD pumps are known for their energy-efficient operation, helping to reduce power consumption and operating costs.
  7. Environmental Friendliness: AOD pumps are often designed with environmental considerations in mind, incorporating features that minimize emissions and reduce the impact on the surrounding ecosystem.
  8. Pneumatic Operation: AOD pumps are commonly powered by compressed air, which can be advantageous in marine applications where electricity may not be readily available or where electrical safety is a concern.
  9. Versatility: AOD pumps are suitable for a wide range of pumping needs in the marine industry, including transferring fluids, dewatering, bilge pumping, and more.
  10. Variety of Size Connections: AOD pumps are available in various sizes and connection types, allowing for compatibility with different piping systems and fluid transfer requirements.

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