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JA Moody Partners With Lexair

October, 2021

JA Moody has added Lexair Inc to the list of companies we represent for the Naval and Commercial marine shipbuilding market. US based Lexair, adds a unique capability to our portfolio. Our sales engineers know due to obsolescence, acquisition, or the specialized nature of Military Specifications, there is a need for design from scratch and to engineer obsolete parts (quickly).

One key value we can now say “yes” to is the request for obsolete and hard to procure parts & valves. Moody can provide our customer base with a secondary source, to reduce lead time, prevent sole sourcing, and keep shipyards on schedule and ships at sea. Lexair can reverse engineer a valve in 4-6 weeks, and complete the prototype in 10-16 wks. Whether small batch runs or full production, Lexair is capable of rapid design, prototype, and manufacturing in the materials required for the marine environment.

A recent success story came from the SAS Symposium, when a Navy Prime Contractor asked Lexair to design a stainless-steel stop check valve, based on a similar commercial design. Lexair had experience with check valves already and was able to use their base design and then design in the stop / check requirements. A Prototype 1-1/2” in line valve and 2” 90-degree angle valve were then shipped to the customer in 14 weeks and prepared for qualification testing.

In business for over forty years, Lexair already has experience with US, Canadian, British and NATO navies.

Contact your Moody technical sales representative for more information.