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JA Moody Continues to Level Up Technical Sales Abilities

June, 2022

JA Moody Engineering & Technical Sales team members spent five days in Newport, Rhode Island with Hi-Test Laboratory’s Engineering team. They learned fundamental and practical applications of MIL-DTL-901E & MIL-STD-167 for shock & vibration testing of shipboard Navy products. In depth mathematical subjects covered all areas of subsurface shock events for US Navy Surface Combatants. JA Moody team members worked hands-on with practical applications that enabled them to have a firmer grasp of shipboard shock testing requirements. It was a critical experience for helping both our customers and manufacturers.

Lisa Smith, President of JA Moody, stated: “as a VOSB it is imperative that we continue to embrace professional growth for our team members so that we can offer the best technical flow control solutions for our clients’ complicated problems. S&V testing is an expensive and time-consuming process. Getting it done right the first time saves our Navy clients both time and money.” Presently, JA Moody is spearheading more than a dozen S&V testing projects for our Navy customers. It’s time to let our expertise smooth out this arduous process. JA Moody works with several different NAVY Certified Shock Test Facilities (NAVSEAINST 9491.1C) across the United States. Contact us for more information and to set up a call to discuss how we can help solve your specific problems.