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JA Moody Authorized Sales and Service for The Hellan Strainer Company

February, 2023

JA Moody is the authorized sales and service representative for The Hellan Strainer Company. This continues the company expansion into flow control products to offer our Marine customers a complete line of products to meet their needs. Lisa Smith, President states “The Hellan Strainer Company represents another world class source of US Manufacturing that we have added to our portfolio of products which are both DFAR compliant and “Made in the USA”.

January, 2023 JA Moody signed an exclusive distribution agreement with The Hellan Strainer Company for the U.S. marine industry. Over the past couple of months, JA Moody has sent two separate groups to Hellan to meet with their management teams, tour their facility, and, lay the groundwork of cooperation and collaboration on how best to support the U.S. Navy and merchant marine. Those visits have not only given us better insight into the history of Hellan and why they’ve been so successful, and, also highlighted their diverse manufacturing capabilities and have given us a much better understanding of their engineered products and services.

What we quickly learned is that Hellan Strainer Company is more than just a strainer manufacturer in the marine industry. Their core products are the simplex and duplex Y-strainers in which they also manufacture for the industrial, municipal, and commercial markets. In addition, they manufacture components that are used in production for various Fortune 500 companies; hose reels that are used throughout the marine industry; and, suction diffusers that are, most recently, used in Intel’s manufacturing facilities, both in the U.S. and abroad. The suction diffusers are ideal for shipboard applications as they help to reduce space requirements, weight, piping, and fittings. In addition, suction diffusers act to reduce turbulence on the suction side of the pump and increase the NPSH (Net Positive Suction Head), which results in less cavitation and higher overall pump efficiency.

Hellan’s marine strainer product line is equally impressive. They manufacture the only mechanically self-cleaning strainer system in the marine industry. This system has been Shock & Vibe qualified, has ABS approval, and has become the standard for the U.S Navy! The performance metrics for this system include a MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) of approximately 14,000 hours, a MTTR (Mean Time to Repair) of less than 1 hour, and a self-cleaning cycle time of only 15 seconds, thus, making it ideal for low-manned and autonomous vessels. Hellan strainers can be supplied as standard components in various materials including bronze, steel, cast iron, and, stainless steel. They can also be skid-mounted with all the required associated piping and fittings for easier installation into a new build or retro-fitted vessel. Hellan offers strainers that are cast in sizes from 1 1/2″ to 20″ and fabricated in 2″- 60″ sizes. SSI Fabrication was acquired in 2018, and, further expands their strainer product offerings. Hellen also manufactures Military Hose Reels, offers suction diffusers, cooling and filtration skids, and other specialty fabrications.

Hellan Strainer operates in an ISO-9001 environment, has ABS and Lloyds Register certifications, and holds several patents on their products.

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