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Hellan Online Cleanable SH/DH Navy Strainer

May, 2023

Hellan Strainer’s Navy strainer products have been approved by the United States Navy as the “strainer of choice” and proven standard for the fleet as well as navies in Australia, Canada, UK, and others.

Military online cleanable strainers are used on mission critical applications on military ships throughout the world for seawater cooling and filtration of main propulsion, sea chest, HVAC, diesel generators, gear coolers, stern tube, bilge water, sonar, radar, weapons systems, zebra mussels, reverse osmosis, and more.

The Hellan Strainer design provides solids removal without interrupting the fluid flow. Instead of trapping solids in a basket which then must be removed for frequent clean-outs, the Hellan Strainer removes solids by forcing them into a sump area of the strainer where it is removed by periodic flushing. This mechanical scraping action of the outer screen surfaces negates the need for disassembly of the strainer.

Models SH and DH (single screen vs. double screen) can be supplied as Inline or Angled Flow and either manually operated or automatic, fulfilling any requirement for your service needs. Hellan Navy Self Cleaning Strainers are ABS-NVR approved and Shock Qualified to MIL-S-901 Grade A.


hellan strainer application areas

Application Area
Products Supplied
Fire Main
AFFF Reels, Model DH Strainers
Fuel Transfer
JP-5 Fueling Reels, Model 311 (316SS), Simplex
Lube Oil Cooler
Fuel Compensating
Model 311 (316SS), Simplex
CIWS Cooler
SH/SA/DH/DA/AH strainers
Reefer Condenser
SH/SA/DH/DA/AH strainers
Reverse Osmosis
SH/SA/DH/DA/AH strainers
Distiller Plant
SH/SA/DH/DA/AH strainers
A/C Plant
SH/SA/DH/DA/AH strainers
Aegis Cooler
SH/SA/DH/DA/AH strainers
Starting Air Cooler
SH/SA/DH/DA/AH strainers
SH/SA/DH/DA/AH strainers
Sea Chest Suction
Simplex, Model 470-SH (14″ strainer), Model 471-SH (12″ strainer)
SH/SA/DH/DA/AH strainers
Stern Tube Seal
SH/SA/DH/DA/AH strainers

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